Our company specializes in providing assistance, commercial support, commercial licensing and custom software development for and around the linphone software stack.

Who could provide better linphone related services than the people who made it?

Our skills


  • Software development in C++11, C, Java, C#, Objective C
  • Media streaming engine and signal processing (voice and video)
  • Communication Protocols (SIP, RTP, ICE, TURN, Codecs...)
  • Secure communications (SIP TLS, SRTP, SRTP-DTLS, zRTP), including end-to-end messaging encryption
  • Mobile applications development (iOS, Android, Qt, Xamarin…)

Our line of services

Annual support

We propose annual support agreements, which can be bought together with a proprietary license or separately for customers who prefer the open source license. Our support services include both fixing of defects and the right to integrate updates in closed source mode.
Purchasing a support service is of course not mandatory but it is highly recommended to make sure that your app will stay compliant with the new versions of OS.

Technical assistance

For all kinds of assistance requests, our development assistance service is recommended, so that we can dedicate the necessary time to your team.
Through this service, our engineers can answer directly any questions regarding our source code and provide technical advice on how to implement new features or overcome issues you may face.

Custom developments

Starting from your technical specifications, we will assess the development efforts and provide you with an official quote for the work to be performed.
Many of the developments that we achieve on Linphone project are financed by our customers. This is a cornerstone of our development model.


We offer a re-branding service for Linphone that can include:- title, logo, icon replacement - add-on of a login view so that the user just enters username and password- predefined settings to work with your SIP network and interoperability testing- submission to the Apple Store/Google Play Store
This service is available on iOS, Android, Windows Desktop, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux.

Flexisip installation and configuration

We propose an installation service for Flexisip servers, that includes configuration and interoperability testing. This service can be performed either for a single instance, in high availability mode (two instances) or in cluster mode (several instances).
We also propose this installation service for Flexisip Push Gateway operation mode, for customers who want to keep their existing SIP infrastructure that does not support push notifications.