Taiwan Mobile is a Taiwanese telecom operator which has developed the successful application M+ Messenger for iOS and Android with the help of Linkyes, one of our resellers in Taiwan.


Why did you select our software and services to achieve your project?

The reasons to motivate us to select your software are as follows:

(1) Excellent quality of software.
(2) Premium technical support.

What do you think about our support and development assistance services?
Both of support and assistance services are excellent.

What kind of issues has our team helped you solve?
(1) Issues about support of implementation of new codec such as AMR.
(2) Issues about support of new features such as Instant Messaging.
(3) Issues about improvement of voice and video quality.
(4) Issues about proprietary source code licensing.
(5) Issues about IOT over VoIP network.

If one of your contacts wanted to launch a SIP project, would you recommend us?
Yes, we would.

What products and services do you think we could improve?
Both of products and services are good for us so far.


Our customer porfolio comprises many small and medium companies, as well as some large telecom operators. The following clients and companies are using the services and products provided by Belledonne Communications.

LEITNER Ropeways

Leitner Ropeways is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ropeway systems. They have contacted us because they were looking for a company with experience in VOIP and the notorious open source collaboration project YOCTO  (https://www.yoctoproject.org).


CommuniTake crafts security, care and management solutions to provide people and businesses better mobile use. CommuniTake delivers a comprehensive Mobility platform that unifies highly secure device, smart Mobility Management, robust multi-channel support, and core Android Internet of Things.

The CommuniTake solutions suite
- enables complete protection against mobile wiretapping, data theft and malicious attacks;
- manages mobile resources, processes and security to effectively operate business mobility.


E-Group is a software group specialized in information security, secure financial payment transactions, and smart multimedia messaging products and services. E-Group has unique cryptographic data security and communication solutions for large corporate and special government services sectors where confidentiality of information really matters.

E-Group has chosen Linphone and Belledonne Comunications tunnel solution "Because they’re well-made, open-source and available on multiple platforms. Linphone’s codebase is robust, maintained and continuously improved.Another big upside was that we were able to create fully working prototypes before actually licensing Linphone, through the GPL model. After trying Linphone out, it was an obvious choice." said Antal Kuthy, CEO of E-Group.


Dencrypt works within the field of encrypted communication and offers solutions for securing mobile communication against eavesdropping. They are specialized in dynamic encryption and focus on combining encryption technology with a user-friendly operation.

"With Linphone and FlexiSIP you get a good head start for developing secure VoIP solutions. The ZRTP protocol is supported out of the box, and PolarSSL is a good choice for TLS. Furthermore, when working with secure VoIP systems, it is very important that vulnerabilities and security issues are identified and corrected. We believe that an active community and active developers are the best mean to ensure that the products remains secure." Soren Sennels, CEO of Dencrypt.

Intel Education Service Corps

In Southern Africa, a rural community has gone from isolation to 21st century technology with help from Linphone and Intel Corporation. Chikanta is a village in Zambia that was, until recently, 100 kilometers from the nearest high school. Now, it’s the site of a school that provides not only basic education, but access to a solar-powered computer lab with PCs and tablets.

In 2014, a team of five Intel volunteers was preparing to travel to the school when the principal asked if they could enable his teachers and staff to communicate with each other across the large campus and residential buildings. The mobile phone network has not quite reached Twachiyanda in a reliable way, and the cost of phone service is not easy for teachers and students to afford even when you can find a signal, ideally standing on top of the school’s new water tower in the center of campus.

The team identified Linphone as the perfect solution to enable text messaging, audio and video calling across the campus. That was the easy part, but setting it up would be a challenge. They thought back to the water tower the principal had described and came up with a plan. While on site, the Intel team installed a carrier-grade Wi-Fi router on top of the tower, along with a solar panel and battery.

Now, teachers and staff can use one of the school’s tablets or PCs to easily communicate with each other, at any time of the day and even during the rainy season. And as the teachers and students get access to more devices, the Linphone-based system can scale accordingly. For more information about this project please visit www.intel.com/servicecorps



FKWorlds has been founded by Fabrice Kerhervé, a passionate entrepreneur specialized in social networking. FKWorlds App is designed for iPhone and for Android smartphones to show immediately at any time and everywhere all advantages of FKWorlds acceptance terminals : geolocation, payment system, e-wallet electronic, FKiss buzz tool (a brand new tool to start and manage advertising or buzz campaign).


Orange Vallée

Orange Vallée, a subsidiary of the Orange Group in charge of innovation and development, has developed the application Libon for iOS and Android, based on Liblinphone, the VoIP engine SDK developed by Belledonne Communications.

Libon is an all-in-one communications app for iPhone and Android, with features like customized greetings for each of contacts, instant messages and free HD-quality calls to Libon contacts. 

Libon’s main features are:
- Unlimited free HD calls to all Libon users. The Premium option allows to make international calls to landlines and mobiles.
- Free instant messages between Libon users
- Visual voicemail


BT is one of the world’s leading communications services companies, serving the needs of customers in the UK and in more than 170 countries worldwide. Their main activities are the provision of fixed-line services, broadband, mobile and TV products and services as well as networked IT services.

"We have used support services and all were found fast and effective." Laurie Booton, Requieremets Lead - Mobile Applications.



Thales Group is a French multinational company that designs and builds electrical systems and provides services for the aerospace, defense, transportation and security markets.


Xylotech Integration Technology

Xylotech Integration Technology is an IT system integrator and solution provider based in Singapore. They have chosen the core engine of Linphone to develop and custom the Amorvone Client on Windows Desktop and Android as well as be integrated with their own SIP Server.




Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading telecoms provider.

"We chose Belledonne Communications because of your outstanding technology knowledge around voice over IP and Media Engine. In addition you have by far the best quality price ratio on the current market."


Almira Labs

Almira Labs is a software developer of value-added services (VAS) for the telecommunications industry based in Spain.


"Everyone at Belledonne is very professional and results oriented. Our work during the project was smooth and straight. We are happy we selected Belledonne for our softphone delivery. The softphone is more than we expected. Everything works like a charm. We will be glad to recommend Belledonne to anyone interested in launching a softphone in the


Amphitech is a French manufacturer of doorphones, supervision and monitoring devices.




Taiwan Mobile

Taiwan Mobile is a GSM mobile phone operator based in Taiwan.

"Both of support and assistance services are excellent."

Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom is one of the leading telecom operators in France. The company offers mobile and fixe telephony and provides internet and television services.




Linkyes is a Taiwanese company which developes mobile phone applications.




The VoIP audio/video calling feature of the TextMe mobile application is powered by the liblinphone engine.





Busch Jaeger Elektro GmbH

Belledonne Communications provides them with support and develops new linphone features used by their intelligent KNX touch panels.


Axtel is the second largest telecom operator in Mexico.
Belledonne Communications provides them with various telecom server-side software technologies.



Mentor Electronics

This company develops electronic devices. They use Linphone for their VoIP products.