Our products and services focus: voice and video over IP applications and communication systems.

Our software

Linphone: open source SIP phone for voice/video calls and instant messaging (mobile and desktop)

Liblinphone: high level VoIP library implementing all the SIP call and IM features in a single API

Mediastreamer2: powerful and lightweight streaming engine for voice/video telephony applications

oRTP: C library implementing the Real-Time Transport Protocol

VoIP Tunnel: VoIP anti-blocking solution to overcome VoIP blockage and firewall restrictions

bcg729: fully portable C99 implementation of both encoder and decoder of G.729 A/B codec

Flexisip: SIP server implementation with proxy, presence and conference modules


Supported versions Frontend


x86, x86-64, ARM v5, v7, arm64 ; Debian 8/9, Centos 7
Linphone desktop 4.1.1 (Qt)

Windows desktop

x86 (works also on x86_64), Windows 7 and later
Linphone desktop 4.1.1 (Qt)


x86_64 ; 10.11 and later
Linphone desktop 4.1.1 (Qt)
Embedded GNU/Linux
Linphonec or Liblinphone
Windows 10 UWP
mobile and desktop (ARM v7) Linphone 1.3.0 (WP version, download from Windows Store)
Android 4.1 to 8.1 (ARM v7-v8, x86) Linphone 4.0.2 (android version, download from Google Play Store)

9 to 12 (ARM v7, ARM 64)

Linphone 4.0.2 (iOS version, download from App Store)