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Belledonne Communications at the Mobile World Congress 2016

We will be present at the next exhibition Mobile World Congress in Barcelona the 22 and 23 February 2016.

During this event, Simon Morlat, manager and co-founder of Belledonne Communications will be available to meet you in order to discuss your projects around SIP technology.

How should you schedule an appointment with us?

We will not be present as exhibitors but as visitors. You are welcome to meet us in a convivial and informal atmosphere around a coffee to discuss your projects. To arrange a meeting, please fill out and submit the following appointment form.


Launch of Flexisip SIP proxy server

Flexisip is a new SIP proxy server easy to install, configure and maintain which offers all the features necessary to deploy a SIP service optimized for mobile applications.

Flexisip is a SIP proxy server implementation compliant to RFC3261, written in C++11.

The server has the following key features:

  • Transports: SIP/UDP, SIP/TCP and SIP/TLS
  • NAT aware with built-in media relay module and stun server
  • Digest authentication based on external SQL password database or static password file
  • Registrar
  • Routing based on registrar database or static route file, with forking
  • Push notifications systems for reliably notifying mobile apps of incoming calls or messages
  • High level event logging for activity monitoring
  • High availability and cluster mode operation for large deployments


The free SIP service is running with Flexisip since 2011, and enables Linphone users to create their SIP addresses in order to communicate together.

Thanks to its modular architecture and its limited number of required dependencies, Flexisip can perfectly run on small hardwares (embedded systems).ndencies, Flexisip can perfectly run on small hardwares (embedded systems).


Belledonne Communications at the Mobile World Congress 2015

We will be present at the next exhibition Mobile World Congress in Barcelona the 2nd and 3rd March 2015.

During this event, Jehan Monnier, manager and co-founder of Belledonne Communications will be very pleased to discuss with you and contribute his expertise to your SIP projects.

How to make an appointment with us ?
We will not be present as exhibitors but as visitors. You are welcome to meet us in a convivial and informal atmosphere around a coffee to discuss on your projects. To arrange a meeting, please fill out the appointment form.


Linphone Windows Phone 8: open source release and video now available!

We are pleased to announce that Linphone for Windows Phone 8 has been released under open source license.

You can now download the source code with git at :

New features are now supported by Linphone Windows Phone 8:

  • Video is now supported with H264 codec (Video feature works so far only between WP8 Phones or with other devices that support H264 ; VP8 codec will be available soon...)
  • French, Arabic et Japanese translations


Review of 2014

2014 has been a year of achievements, rich in watchmaking creation and improvements for Belledonne Communications.

See our achievements

Improvements on Linphone Desktop:

Application-level improvements:

  • Ability to configure multiple proxy accounts with different transports (UDP, TCP, TLS)
  • Supports simultaneous usage of IPv6 and IPv4
  • Supports high definition video formats, and leverages multiple cores to perform encoding if available
  • Faster and highly responsive user interface thanks to the now fully asynchronous operations of the improved Liblinphone library
  • Supports the OPUS codec
  • Possibility to specify a remote provisioning http URI for configuration
  • Integrates LDAP search for Linux and MacOSX
  • Supports "is-composing" notification in chat area
  • Permits users to choose between video rendering method on Linux
  • Ability to use keyboard to input DTMF


Liblinphone-level improvements provided by the new "belle-sip" SIP stack:

  • Allows multiple SIP transports simultaneously
  • Supports simultaneous usage of IP Stacks: IPv6 and IPv4
  • Integrates a fully asynchronous behavior which should decrease lengthy DNS interactions and connections
  • Supports the +sip.instance parameter (RFC5626)Supports the alias parameter (RFC5923)
  • Improves management of network disconnections
  • SIP/TLS handled through the lightweighted polarssl library (instead of openssl)
  • Adds improved SIP transaction state machines (RFC6026)
  • Integrates privacy APIs (RFC3323, RFC3325)Supports rich presence (RFC4480)
  • Improves the handling of Sips scheme in URIs
  • Supports "is-composing" notification in chat area (RFC3994)
  • Call transfer fixes in error casesAdds API for managing SIP SUBSCRIBES / NOTIFY / PUBLISH (linphonecore/event.h)


Improvements on Linphone iOS:

  • ZRTP encryption support
  • AVPF support for VP8 (better network resilience for video)
  • VP8 performance enhancements on both mono- and multi-cores
  • Remote XML provisioning
  • Links support and typing indicator in chat user interface
  • Silent pushes on iOS7 support
  • Bluetooth with all codecs support
  • Possibility to specify the UserID for the SIP account
  • iOS 8 support
  • Added interactive local notifications for calls and messages
  • Speed up Opus codec with assembly optimisations
  • ARM64 support for iOS Linphone SDK


Improvements on Linphone Android:

  • AVPF support (better network resilience for video)
  • Typing indicator in chat
  • VP8 performance enhancements on both mono- and multi-core
  • Transport configuration per sip account


Improvements on Linphone Windows Phone 8:

  • Opus and ISAC audio codecs added
  • SRTP encryption added
  • Settings improvements
  • Typing indicator in chat

Launch of Liblinphone Blackberry OS10:

Belledonne Communications has completed the developement of Liblinphone on BlackBerry OS10 - for audio only. Liblinphone is a VoIP engine SDK, a library which has a proven track record since it was introduced on the market in 2010. 
Liblinphone BlackBerry OS10 includes the following capabilities:

  • Support of Opus, Speex, GSM, G.711 and G.722 codecs
  • Support of SRTP encryption
  • Use of hardware echo canceler


ZRTP support on Linphone under proprietary license

Belledonne Communications has developed its own implementation of ZRTP called "b-zrtp". In addition to the GPL license and unlike the previous zrtp implementation, b-zrtp is also now available under proprietary license, and does not have any dependencies on OpenSSL. This new ZRTP implementation uses the cryptography functions of polarSSL, already used in Linphone, which was already integrated in Linphone.


OpenH264 integration

Since Cisco has taken its H.264 implementation, and open sourced it under BSD license terms, we are pleased to announce that Linphone now integrates OpenH264.

Thanks to OpenH264, H264 can now be used with Linphone iOS under proprietary license.


AVPF support for VP8

Linphone now supports AVPF (RTP Audio-Visual Profile with Feedback) for VP8 on Windows Desktop, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS and Android platforms.

AVPF brings a significant video improvement over unreliable networks.


Various new languages available on Linphone thanks to Transifex

Linphone is getting a full internationalization support, using Transifex platform. Currently Linphone Desktop, Linphone Android and Linphone iOS are using Transifex. Linphone Web and Linphone Windows Phone are coming soon. Linphone is almost 100% translated in English, French, Arabic, Japanese, German and Russian thanks to devoted contributors!


Python wrapper

Linphone introduces Python as new programing language to its voip sdk. A Python module for liblinphone is now available to create SIP user-agent applications with both media and call control capabilities. It brings the powerful liblinphone SDK to the easy to use python programing language.


Linphone Website redesign

Our website has been designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation. One of our main goals was to build a user-friendly and simple to navigate site. The new design allows the users to quickly find the contents thanks to its low hierarchical structure.
The technical corner section contains information about our software and libraries including advanced features, source code and documentation. We hope that you will enjoy browsing our new site, and finding what your are looking for.


Meet us at Mobile World Congress!

We will be present in Barcelona on the 24th and 25th of February 2014.

During the Mobile World Congress, our technical managers Simon Morlat and Jehan Monnier would be very pleased to discuss with you and share their expertise on the development of SIP projects.

How to make an appointment with us ?

We will not be present as exhibitors but as visitors. You are welcome to meet us in a convivial and informal atmosphere around a coffee to discuss on your projects or answer any questions you may have. To arrange a meeting, please fill out this  appointment form .


Linphone Web 1.0 available today!

Linphone WebBelledonne Communications is proud to announce the launch of Linphone Web. Linphone Web is Belledonne Communication's latest innovation which leverages the SIP protocol to provide users the capability to make voice and video calls directly through web browsers.

Check out the demo and try Linphone Web today
Make VoIP calls directly from any web browsers!

Linphone Web is the latest of the Linphone product family which includes Linphone clients for iOS, Android and Desktop editions. The Linphone Web solution consists of :

  • The Liblinphone Web Plugin, a browser plugin bringing a JavaScript API similar to the Liblinphone API.
  • The Linphone Web User Interface (UI), a HTML/JavaScript layer relying on the plugin to offer to the end user the possibility to make audio and video calls through an easy and clever interface. This UI can be re-branded and integrated into a website aiming to provide video call experience.

Linphone Web promises to deliver a range of benefits:

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Simple and reliable to use
  • Supports all popular web browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari
  • Proven track record: Linphone Web is based on the Liblinphone VoIP engine SDK, a library which has a proven track record since it was introduced on the market in 2010

The first version of Linphone Web includes the following capabilities:

  • Incoming and outgoing calls, audio and video
  • Call history
  • Possibility to connect with any SIP address
  • Audio codecs : G711, SPEEX, OPUS (G729, AMR, ILBC, SILK available on demands)
  • Video codecs : VP8 (MPEG4 and H264 available on demands)

Linphone Web, an alternative to WebRTC ?

The WebRTC project has drawn a lot of attention lately and we want to clarify how Linphone Web differentiates itself from WebRTC. Web-based Real Time Communications (WebRTC) is an open source project with the goal of permitting real-time communication using standard JavaScript APIs between web browsers without the need for a plug-in. WebRTC is currently facing two major issues:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari browsers don’t have defined strategies to support WebRTC.
  • WebRTC provides no interoperability with existing telephony networks. It requires add-ons of signaling protocols such as SIP as well as the development and installation of a gateways in order to fully inter-operate with existing telecom networks.


Linphone Web was designed to overcome all these issues. Unlike WebRTC, Linphone Web is based on standard communications protocols and fully SIP compliant. This means that Linphone Web does not require the addition of gateways to inter-operate with telecom networks.

A promising future

We believe that this is a wonderful engineering achievement that will ensure a promising future to web-based communication. This technology can also be an opportunity for operators who wish to provide an alternative to the OTT players with communications capabilities built in browsers.

The Linphone Web Plugin is distributed under the GPLv2 license or under proprietary license with commercial agreement. The Linphone Web UI is distributed under the Affero GPLv3 as well as proprietary license.Please contact us for more information.


Linphone for Windows Phone 8 !

Belledonne Communications is announcing today the launch of Linphone for Windows Phone 8.

Linphone for Windows Phone 8 is now available!

Over the last couple of months, Belledonne Communications was contacted by a large number of users and clients requesting Linphone's Windows Phone 8 support. After months of development and hard work, Belledonne Communications is happy to announce that is is launching today Linphone for this promising mobile operating system.

Like the audio versions of Linphone on Android and iOS, the first release of Linphone for Windows Phone 8is also based on the Liblinphone VoIP engine SDK.

The first release of Linphone for Windows Phone 8 includes the following features :

  • Audio incoming calls in background mode using push notifications
  • Audio outgoing calls
  • SIP transports: UDP, TCP, TLS
  • Call history and statistics
  • Pause, resume, mute, speaker
  • Exclusive BC's VoIP tunnel extension available
  • Echo cancellation
  • Chat (text and images)
  • Phone contacts integration


Linphone for WP8 is now available for all Windows Phone 8 smartphones and can be downloaded fromMicrosoft's Windows Store.

To enjoy the best experience with Linphone WP8, we recommend that users leverage the SIP service available for free at service, provided by Belledonne Communications, supports many exciting features including push-notified incoming calls.

How to get the source code ?

Linphone Windows Phone 8 is currently closed source but this app will become open in a near future. In the meantime, Belledonne Communications can provide the source code on demands after signing a Non Disclosure Agreement.

Linphone for Windows Phone 8 future improvements

Belledonne Communications would like to integrate video and presence features in the next Linphone WP8 releases and is looking forward to partnering with customers and clients that are interesting helping fund these projects. If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact us!



Linphone now supports Bluetooth on Android!

The new release (version 2.1) of Linphone on Android introduces support for Bluetooth headset.

This new release also includes several improvements including:

  • Russian language support
  • Possibility to go to the history of missed call notifications
  • Support of PLC for iLBC codec



New release 3.6 for Desktop

Belledonne Communications announced today the new release of Linphone 3.6 for Windows Desktop, MAC OSX and Linux.

The new version 3.6 includes significant user interface improvements as well as new text messaging features such as delivery notifications and chat messaging storage.

Three new major core features are now supported by Linphone:

  • ICE support (RFC5245): allows peer to peer audio & video connections without media relay server
  • UPnP (Universal Plug and Play): allows device-to-device networking of personal computers, networked home appliances and wireless devices
  • Audio call and conference recording

Linphone 3.6 also integrates the following new features:

  • Call statistics
  • An improved buddy list management interface
  • Hebrew and Serb language support