Our products and services focus: voice and video over IP applications and communication systems.

LINPHONE, SIP video phone client

Linphone was the very first open-source GNU/Linux application using SIP. Launched in 2001, linphone was developed by Simon Morlat during his spare time.

Over the years and many hours of software development later, the linphone product is robust and now embeds an array of new features and capabilities.

The linphone software stack has been ported and now runs in multiple environments:

Windows XP and later - GNU/Linux - Mac OSX -  Android - iOS - Windows Phone - Blackberry and embedded platforms ( linux/arm, linux/blackfin, winCE)

Linphone has different interfaces:

  • smart graphical interface for end users: GTK+ interface for desktops, mobile interface for Android, iOS and Windows Phone
  • liblinphone : an easy to use library containing all the linphone functionnalities without graphical interface. The liblinphone library eases and simplifies the development of other applications embedding SIP audio and video communication features.
  • command line tools

Linphone can easily be tuned or customized with plugins in order to be turned into ‘your company’ softphone and optimized to run on your dedicated hardware.

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License: GNU GPLv2+ or proprietary