Our products and services focus: voice and video over IP applications and communication systems.

VoIp tunnel, VoIP anti-blocking solution

We developed a VoIP anti blocking solution for VoIP operators who wish to bypass illegitimate firewall restrictions on 3G networks.

Its principle is tunneling all SIP and RTP traffic through a single secure https connection up to a detunnelizer server. Our solution comprises:

  • A tunnel enabled Liblinphone SDK to be integrated into the application for iPhone or Android.
  • A tunnel server to be deployed inside your network infrastructure. The tunnel server re-creates the SIP and RTP traffic from the data of each secure connection to the softphones clients. The tunnel server runs on a standard linux operating system and scales over all available processors. It is able to detunnelize about two hundreds simultaneous call sessions per core of a modern x86 server.

Our client and server software is optimized to minimize latency inherent to TCP encapsulation of VoIP traffic: it is not just a general purpose VPN.

License: proprietary only

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