Our company specializes in providing assistance, commercial support, commercial licensing and custom software development for and around the linphone software stack.

Who could provide better linphone related services than the people who made it?

Our skills

  • Software development in C/C++/java
  • Signal and video processing
  • Protocols: signalisation (SIP,XMPP,RTSP), and streaming (RTP, codecs...)
  • Embedded software based on linux
  • Of course deep knowledge of open source softwares in general


  • UI (User Interface) customization, setting, branding: customize linphone’s feel and look and turn linphone into ‘your’ softphone, package and install linphone with a custom installer, adjust and predefine settings tailored for your network and subscribers.
  • Develop your own softphone or whatever application using liblinphone.
  • Enrich linphone with new features that answer your requirements and needs.
  • Enhance linphone media processing capabilities : add new media codecs.
  • Customize and port linphone to your hardware : add plugins to enable hardware-specific acceleration, for example hardware video encoder/decoder, specific camera input etc.
  • Support and assistance for developing your own application on top of liblinphone, or customizing linphone by yourself.
  • Technical support to obtain bugfixes or investigate interoperability issues.
  • SIP network architecture consulting.