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Linphone available for Iphone 3G and Ipod touch !

We are pleased to annouce that Linphone is now available for all Iphones and Ipod touch!

This Linphone version can be installed from the AppStore from any Iphone 3G, 3GS and Ipod touch (3rd generation).

It supports G711, speex narrowband and wideband and iLBC codecs. Configured with a SIP gateway itallows to run calls to PSTN numbers using 3G or wifi.

Thanks to the Iphone's AudioUnit sound API, we could achieve a very good sound quality (low latency, make use of the iphone's integrated echo canceler).

You can read more from the itunes website

Next possible evolutions include:

  • Support for incoming calls at any time using the new APIs introduced in IphoneOS 4.0
  • Video

Belledonne Communications offers customisation services and commercial licensing for companies interested in deploying their own softphone on mobile platforms.

Linphone was already working on Android mobile phones. We will continue our effort on making Linphone available on most mobile operating systems.


Linphone is now available as an Android application !

We are pleased to annouce that we have just released a linphone version for Google Android phones.

This application is available for free through the Google Market for all people having an Android phone. It is possible to use linphone on android to make VoIP calls using wifi or 3G (make sure it is allowed by your operator before).

This application is of course built over our liblinphone VoIP library that has been added with a JNI glue and Java API since Android is a java based.

This is the first release of linphone on android, and we wish to continue the development in the coming year to bring many improvements, including:

  • run as a service to allow to receive calls all the time (not just when the application is showed)
  • video support
  • optimize battery savings