Belledonne Communications was created in 2007 by Simon Morlat, the main author of Linphone.

Belledonne Communications is located near Grenoble, France.

story and founders

The name ‘Belledonne′ takes root in the name of a mountain range in the northern French Alps located near the city of Grenoble. Grenoble is sometimes referred as the ‘French Silicon Valley′ because of the presence of highly qualified engineers and a wide range of different size companies working in domains of electronics, nano-technologies and software services.

Simon Morlat, original author of linphone

Before funding Belledonne Communications SARL in end 2009, Simon spent 9 years working as a software engineer at Hewlett Packard. He worked in the Telecom division, responsible of the media streaming engine of the OpenCall Media Platform, a SIP & TDM high density media server running with standard x86 server hardware.

Jehan Monnier, co-founder

Before fouding Belledonne Communications SARL, Jehan spent 10 years in software R&D at the Hewlett Packard Telecom division, working both on signaling products and as senior engineer on the HP OpenCall Media Platform.


Belledonne communications offers career opportunities to talented people who want to join a young R&D company located in the heart of the Alps. Please send applications to