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BCG729, implementation of G.729 A/B codec

bcg729 is an opensource implementation of both encoder and decoder of the ITU G729 Annex A/B speech codec. It was written from scratch and is NOT a derivative work of ITU reference source code in any kind.

The library written in C 99 is fully portable and can be executed on many platforms including both ARM and x86 processors. libbcg729 supports concurrent channels encoding/decoding for multi call application such as conferencing.

The source code also contains a Mediastreamer2 compatible plugin, designed for use of this codec in Linphone or Mediastreamer2-based software. However a direct API is available for those not using bcg729 with Mediastreamer2.

bcg729 is dual licensed. It can be licensed and distributed:

  • under GNU GPLv2 license - for free (open source)
  • under proprietary and commercial license to be used in closed source applications.

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