Linphone and its components are drivers of innovation in many sectors: Telecommunications, IoT, Health, Home automation, Security, etc.
Linphone’s cross-platform VoIP SDK (and Flexisip server) is (are) used worldwide in our customers’ hardware and software applications.

Our software products have been developed to be used separately and adapted to meet customers' projects (intercom systems, secure communications, social networking…).

Areas of use


Telco operators, Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) and Over The Top (OTT) service providers customize Linphone to make their own-branded and value-added VoIP application. Since the beginning, the Linphone team invests a lot of its R&D effort on audio and video quality across heterogeneous networks.

Group communications

Linphone and Flexisip conference server bring advanced group features, like audio conferences, group chat and presence. We aim at providing a complete, robust and unified-over-SIP solution for the next generation of networking applications.

Secure communications

Linphone is used by major actors of the Security area. It has proven to be a legitimate candidate, as it supports SIP/TLS with state-of-the-art ciphering algorithms, ZRTP audio/video encryption, and end-to-end messaging encryption.


Actors of the Health sector use Linphone to build telepresence solutions for making long-distance medical consultation, telephony systems or elderly and disabled people, or monitoring systems for the hospital.

Home automation

Linphone and Flexisip are integrated in digital video door entry intercom systems, to bring audio and video capabilities from door entry panel to in-house control screens and smartphones connected either to a local network or to the public internet. The network architecture used in these scenarios can also be deployed in other areas, like emergency services or Internet of Things.

Interaction with web brothers

Linphone is capable of interaction from web browsers, being able to receive information from a web page to start a call, open the app, invite participants to a conference, etc. Thus, it is a good candidate to build advanced solutions for professional communications.


Linphone based Video door entry intercom system

Digital video door entry intercom systems combined with smartphones can highly leverage on regular SIP VoIP technology to bring a new set of services to end-users: get notified when a visitor presses the ring button, see him with video, interact with him with voice and video - at home as well as anywhere else under wifi or 3G coverage. This document describes how both Linphone and Flexisip can be used together to build a SIP network dedicated to home automation and surveillance.

To learn how to build intercom systems using Linphone and Flexisip, download our white paper.

Secured Communications using Linphone & Flexisip

Digital communications including voice, video and messaging are sensitive user data that need to be protected against unauthorized access. Both Linphone and Flexisip provide built in security capabilities allowing to create a secured communications services across public internet. This document describes key technologies taking place into a Linphone/Flexisip SIP network.

To learn how to build secured VOIP solution using Linphone and Flexisip, download our white paper.